Audiovector S3 Super
The following is an abridged translation of Fidelity Magazine No. 46, focusing on the Audiovector S3 Super.

“Ole Klifoth and his team are extremely clever” 

“Creativity and precise focus has moved them still closer to the top of the world’s best speaker manufacturers”.

“The Real Thing (Swedish band, ed.) provided such explosive experiences that I had to listen several times in order to believe what I was actually hearing.”

“Audiovector has a brilliant product concept, which is futureproof.”

“Positioning is easy and with their excellent adaptability to real-world conditions, these speakers will fit in anywhere.”

“Audiovector is in full control when it comes to pace, rhythm and timing, and with their 91dB sensitivity, they are easy to drive. Plus they have a freedom and a liveliness which you seldom experience.”

“The S3 Super sets new standards for what is possible with small drivers in slim cabinets. It is a pleasure to listen to powerful music. The bass drivers work as pile drivers, fast and precise like the strokes of a hammer.”

“A fantastic all-rounder”.

“It adapts to whatever it is fed in an almost magical way.”

“Speaker’s of S3 Super’s caliber inspire faith in the future of this hobby. This is the way all pairs of €2800 speakers should sound in the year 2010.”

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