Knut Jensen

Soundstage (CA)

AUDIOVECTOR R 6 AVANTGARDE  SOUNDSTAGE, March 2022  By Aron Garrecht      “Audiovector’s R 6 Avantgarde is a gorgeously finished, methodically assembled loudspeaker, chock-full of innovative technologies. More importantly, a pair of them can effortlessly fill a room with sound and create images that are much larger in scale than their sleek, sexy profiles would […]

Hifi+ (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR R SUB ARRETÉ HIFI+ Issue 203, February 2022By Alan Sircom      “The duo of Arreté models just sings, and sings far deeper, wider and sweeter than you would expect.” READ INTERVIEW

Hifi+ (UK)

INTERVIEW WITH MADS KLIFOTH HIFI+, February 2022By Alan Sircom      “I don’t think we could have grown as fast if we didn’t maintain that relationship with those we have worked with for a long time.” READ INTERVIEW

The Absolute Sound (US)

AUDIOVECTOR R 6 ARRETÉ / R 3 ARRETÉ / R 1 ARRETÉ      THE ABSOLUTE SOUND, EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARDS 2022        We are very proud to announce that our three high performing models, the R 1 Arreté, R 3 Arreté and R 6 Arreté have been awarded Editors Choice 2022 by The Absolute Sound […]

Stereonet (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR R 6 ARRETÉ STEREONET APPLAUSE AWARD  December 2021    ”Audiovector’s superb R 6 Arreté loudspeaker is large, but still friendly to most average-sized living rooms. Yet there’s something quite exceptional about the way it delivers a sound out of all proportion to its modest dimensions. This speaker needs no special favours, just a good listening […]

Hifi Pig (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR R 6 ARRETÉ HIFI HIGHLIGTHS 2021  December 2021   ”They represent, to my mind, all that I’m looking for in a loudspeaker. They are hugely dynamic with massive scale and presence that commands you to sit up and take notice. By turn, they are sweet and yet full-sounding at lower volumes.” READ THE REVIEW

The Absolute Sound (US)

AUDIOVECTOR R 1 ARRETÉ  THE ABSOLUTE SOUND, PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2021  December 2021 “Audiovector R 1 Arreté is an all-around star performer with reproduction of complex top-octave sonorities, air, and detail that is second to none. I’m quite confident of this conclusion: Piccolos don’t lie.” READ THE REVIEW

Hifi + (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR R 6 ARRETÉ  LOUDSPEAKER OF THE YEAR (£20K–£50K)  “It tends to make most things sound good, not through rose-tinted euphoric sound, but just by virtue of being honest with the recording.”Alan Sircom READ THE AWARD  

Stereophile (US)

AUDIOVECTOR R 8 ARRETÉ  STEREOPHILE, EDITORS’ CHOICE NOVEMBER 2021  By Jim Austin We are beyond proud to announce that our amazing R 8 Arreté is part of the Stereophile Magazine PRODUCT OF THE YEAR selection as Editors Choice A huge thank you to Editor, Jim Austin! READ THE REVIEW