Knut Jensen


AUDIOVECTOR R 6 ARRETÉHifi+, January 2021By Alan Sircom “The R 6 Arreté is simply so natural, so musical and so damn ‘right’ sounding, this might just be the high-end’s greatest secret.” “It’s also a distinctly Continental sound too, with a performance that doesn’t just maximise a single quality but goes for a more wellrounded approach. The […]

MyHiFi24 (DE)

AUDIOVECTOR QR 1MyHiFi24, December 2020By Patrick Schmidt “To get to the point – very flexible to use. It serves as a front speaker in smaller rooms or as a rear speaker. The sound is authentic and invites you to listen to music. Overall, for the test, the compact loudspeaker from Audiovector is a clear recommendation […]

Part-Time Audiophile (US)

AUDIOVECTOR R 6 ARRETÉPart-Time Audiophile, January 2021By Dave McNair “With the Audiovector R 6 Arreté, these Danish loudspeaker veterans have produced yet another ultra-performer to add to the Legends of Scandinavian Speaker Craft.” “Regardless of what I played, the R 6s always had a smooth, clean, fast, wide-bandwidth presentation that always felt right.” “I found […]

Stereolife (PL)

INTERVIEW MADS KLIFOTH, CEO & OWNER OF AUDIOVECTOR Stereolife, December 2020 By Tomasz Karasiński “…My interest in music came from listening and experiencing many different musical genres in my childhood home. When my friends wished for computers and game consoles I had already saved up for a sound system (Musical Fidelity with Audiovector M3 Signature […]

Soundrebels (PL)

AUDIOVECTOR R 6 SIGNATURE Soundrebels, December 2020 By Marcin Olszewski “Summing up the adventure with Audiovectors R6 Signature, we can confidently announce a full success and issue a sincere recommendation.” SEE THE REVIEW HERE

HI-FI + (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR R 3 SIGNATUREHI-FI+, DECEMBER 2020 HI-FI+ 2020 HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARDAudiovector R 3 Signature “The R 3’s tonal balance is just about spot-on, too. The treble isn’t too soft or too aggressive, the mid-range disappears nicely, and the bass is deep and controlled without sounding too dry or too fat. Of course, there is room […]