Knut Jensen


AUDIOVECTOR R 3 SIGNATURE HIFI MEDIA, APRIL 2021 By Neven Kos “The Audiovector R 3 Signature proves to be the king of detail and musicality” “It is a very high-tech speaker, an interesting concept with the possibility of improvement and sound that seriously goes to the top of the scale of sound that we can […]

Audio Video (PL)

AUDIOVECTOR R 1 SIGNATURE AUDIO VIDEO, March 2021 By Filip Kulpa ”9.5 of 10 possible – Thank you Mr. Filip Kulpa! “Great – You really can’t require more from monitors this size…” READ REVIEW

Hifi+ (UK)

INTERVIEW WITH MADS KLIFOTH HIFI+, March 2021 By Alan Sircom ”Danish loudspeaker expert Audiovector is no stranger to the pages of Hi-Fi+. The company has picked up many awards for its loudspeaker designs (both in this magazine and elsewhere) and many of the reviewers have used or still use Audiovector loudspeakers, including the Editor, who […]

Hifi Pig (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR R 1 ARRETÉ HIFI PIG, March 2021 By Stuart Smith ”I loved them! There’s no other way to say it – the R 1s do so much so very right. Whatever kind of tunes you play on them, they just get on with it and deliver an exciting and engaging sound that just demands […]

Audiotechnique (HK)

AUDIOVECTOR R 6 ARRETÉ AUDIOTECHNIQUE, February 2021 ”AUDIOVECTOR´s in-house designed ground cable reproduced music with an ideal S/N ratio (signal to noise ratio). The music background is just like a dark abyss, sounding very three dimensional.” ”The internal 8” + 6.5” isobaric bass system sounds like a 12” big diameter woofer!” ”The R 6 Arreté […]

Stereonet (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR R 3 ARRETÉ STEREONET, February 2021 By Jay Garrett ”In the Audiovector R 3 Arreté, Mads and the team have created a hugely able yet relatively compact high-end loudspeaker. Its innovative design means that not only can it hold its own amongst the best of the rest at the price, but it’s room-friendly in […]