Knut Jensen


AUDIOVECTOR  HI-FI+ SOUND INNOVATION AWARDS OCTOBER 2021 If Audiovector was merely a Danish manufacturer of loudspeakers and subwoofers, it would be highly prized for making a range of products that both look and sound good. But that’s just the start. Unlike most loudspeaker manufacturers, Audiovector has an upgrade path for its core range of loudspeakers. […]

The Absolute Sound (US)

AUDIOVECTOR R 1 ARRETÉ  THE ABSOLUTE SOUND, GOLDEN EAR AWARDS 2021  By Andrew Quint “Audiovector R1 Arreté is an all-around star performer with reproduction of complex top-octave sonorities, air, and detail that is second to none. I’m quite confident of this conclusion: Piccolos don’t lie.” READ THE REVIEW


AUDIOVECTOR QR 1  ON-MAG.FR, AUGUST 2021 By Pierre Stemmelin “Audiovector QR 1 are compact Hifi speakers of impeccable construction. Their AMT tweeter provides a very open and airy high register, while their woofer has a lot of power. These speakers deliver a wise, refined sound of great definition while having a relatively muscular bass considering […]


AUDIOVECTOR QR 5  AV GUIDE, September 2021 By Silvan Karrer, Editor Audio “The elegant and stylish speakers QR 5 from Audiovector, play exactly what they look like: stylish, elegant and with a sound with all subtleties and nuances as well as closeness. The QR 5 buyer gets a great, audiophile and versatile loudspeaker at a […]