The Absolute Sound (US)

AUDIOVECTOR R 3 ARRETÉ THE ABSOLUTE SOUND, May 2020 By Andrew Quint ”Timbral accuracy is unassailable. Make a playlist of the jazz and pop voices you like best — that’s what I did — and you’ll hear them represented with complete faithfulness to the recorded essence of their distinctive vocal instruments…” “…and even with the […]

HI-FI + (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR R3 SIGNATURE HI-FI+, AUGUST 2020 “The R 3’s tonal balance is just about spot-on, too. The treble isn’t too soft or too aggressive, the mid-range disappears nicely, and the bass is deep and controlled without sounding too dry or too fat…” “…the R 3 Signature will fill a medium-sized room with graunching guitars, big, […]


AUDIOVECTOR R 1 ARRETÉ TOO LOUD STAR, June 2020 “In general, the sound is open, coherent and very dynamic. The image is calm and the Freedom Grounding Concept undoubtedly contributes to that.” READ REVIEW