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Audiovector R6 Arreté ” The loudspeaker also excels in dynamic range and texture, delivering both forceful and subtle details with realism.” READ REVIEW

QR 1 is highly recommended

Having had no experience of Audiovector here at HF&MS it was with delight I accepted an invitation to listen to their QR range.  The QR1 is the bookshelf-style speaker in the range, characterised by Audiovector’s DNA that centres on technology-led attention to detail. Design The key to this QR range of loudspeakers from Audiovector is […]

QR 1 delivers an awful lot from a surprisingly small package

The QR 1 delivers an awful lot from a surprisingly small package – it’s energetic, musical and accurate sounding, with a sophistication generally reserved for more expensive purchasing propositions. There are few more hotly contended areas in hi-fi than the mid-price standmount loudspeaker market. Almost every brand looking to find its way into people’s homes […]

Good, better, best

Audiovector is a Danish brand that does unusual things. Such as offering a floorstander in three levels that differ significantly from each other. Even more unusual is that you can upgrade your speakers to the next level at a later date. All intriguing, and a good reason to compare the R6 Signature, R6 Avantage and […]

Audiovector QR 7 Loudspeaker

It was my enviable task to spend quality time with two loudspeakers in Audiovector’s premium R-Series, the R3 floorstander ($13,500, Issue 305) and the standmount/bookshelf R1 ($7250, Issue 319).