AUDIOVECTOR SR 3 AVANTGARDE ARRETÉ TOP CLASS. “The SR 3 Avantgarde Arret´is without doubt one of the best speakers I have ever heard below 15.000 Euro”. “The bass sets a new standard. I experienced sounds, I had never heard before on “The Girls Is Mine”, by Michael Jackson”. “I am shocked…I have now reviewed two […]


Audiovector Si 3 Signature DISCREET review May 2014 “The really clever part is the connectivity. It has all the benefits of active drive, without the need to plug the speakers into the AC mains power”. “While the combination of Bluetooth and Class D might bring some audiophiles out in a case of hives, those of us […]


Audiovector On-Wall Signature tested as one of the best sounding wall speakers. “Beautiful Speakers” Comparative review of wall speakers. “Built like a battleship” “Clever configuration” “Pure and natural sound” (Sound like a free standing speaker although it is a wall speaker)


Audiovector Si 3 Signature. “SPECTACULAR” “And what a dynamic speaker this is! There really was an empowering quality to the presentation…” “The huge soundstage and multi track layering were stunningly and explicit displayed.” “The Audiovector’s are clean and fast and encouraging you up the volume.As the listening progressed, I found myself cranking the wick louder […]


Audiovector Si 1 Avantgarde. “The Avantgarde’s uneven range of abilities means they won’t suit all tastes, but at their best they are stunning.” “No matter how complex the music, these S1s keep it all in check.” “The speaker layers the soundstage beautifully and delivers exceptional image precision.” Read the review


Audiovector S3 Super. November 27. 2009 By Paul Messenger ”This splendid loudspeaker does most things very well and even includes a useful ability to upgrade performance by stages in the future. Its fine openness and freedom from boxiness confers good musical communication and stereo imaging” Read the review


Audiovector S1 Signature.  “AUDIOVECTOR RAISES THE BAR WITH THE NEW PRESTIGE MODEL S1 SIGNATURE” S1 Signature delivers great all round performance for the money and it sounds extremely good with any type of music. Audiovector’s succes with upgradable speakers has been noticed by everybody. With the new S1, which takes over from the now discontinued […]


Audiovector S3 Super The following is an abridged translation of Fidelity Magazine No. 46, focusing on the Audiovector S3 Super. “Ole Klifoth and his team are extremely clever”  “Creativity and precise focus has moved them still closer to the top of the world’s best speaker manufacturers”. “The Real Thing (Swedish band, ed.) provided such explosive […]