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AUDIOVECTOR QR 5 HIFI MEDIA, June 2019 By Srijeda “The largest QR series model justifies its flagship position” “Just like other loudspeakers coming from this Danish company, QR offers state-of-the-art technology in one perfectly finished and compact high-end package.” “We started the listening session with Bach oboe concertos (Naxos). Audiovector’s own version of Heil’s ribbon […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 1 AVANTGARDE ARRETÉ TONE AUDIO, June 2019 By Jeff Dorgay “But you don’t buy an AMG, M or RS because they are nice. You buy them because they are exciting. And the Audiovector SR 1 Avantgarde Arretes are exciting.” “The people running Audiovector certainly get the cool guy award for building speakers that […]


AUDIOVECTOR QR 5 AUDIO VIDEO, June 2019 By Marek Lacki and Filip Kulpa “Audiovector QR 5 have a bass with reference performance in their class. Deep, compact, fast and perfectly diverse”. READ MORE OF THE REVIEW HERE

Hi-Fi+ (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR QR 5 Hifi+, June 2019 By Jason Kennedy ”It’s one of those speakers that lets you relax with the music and that’s clearly not a bad thing, I like the way that it is pretty well unflappable even at higher levels and that the bass is so fulsome.”   “The Audiovector QR5 is a […]


AUDIOVECTOR QR 5 STEREOLIFE, May 2019 By Tomasz Karasiński “QR5 are not just a more powerful copy of the QR3 model, with an additional woofer. They are a beautiful, finished work. Combining fire and water? Well, maybe with a slight fire advantage, but yes, even with such a statement I could agree. Are you going to […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 3 AVANTGARDE STEREO I KOLOROWO, April 2019 By Ludwig Hegel “Audiovector SR 3 Avantgarde are the perfect speakers in every category. They are perfect in terms of construction, finish and sound. It is a well-finished and complete product. Sounding in the real high-end zone. I recommend Audiovector SR 3 Avantgarde, because these are […]


AUDIOVECTOR QR 5 HIGH FIDELITY.PL No 179, March 2019 By Wojciech Pacuta “These are fast and dynamic constructions with exceptionally clear sound. They try to show as much of the recording as possible without flirting with heat. The most important for them is the first plan with the fact that the stage is very wide […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 6 AVANTGARDE ARRETÉ 2.0 HI-FI REVIEW Issue 388, February 2019 By Sam Ho “Having heard various genres of music like classical, jazz, pops and rock, What I appreciate the SR 6 Avantgarde Arreté 2.0 most is its vocal rendition, so crystal clear, clean, purely natural, full-blooded, affectionate. I must reckon that the beautiful […]

Hi-Fi+ (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR R 8 ARRETÉ Hifi+, February 2019 By Alan Sircom “The R8 is also extremely detailed, and it’s here the Freedom earthing makes its mark. It ‘disappears’ the loudspeakers, leaving you with a soundfield of good, solid instruments in a physical space. It doesn’t sound like there are electronics, wood, and drive units in the […]