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AUDIOVECTOR SR 3 AVANTGARDE Tested by WHAT HI-FI?, November 2018 “”We listen to Orff’s Carmina Burana and find a nicely layered soundstage. The positions of instruments and vocalists are locked in space with the speakers keeping things stable even when the music becomes demanding. The piece’s chaotic crescendos are delivered with pleasing organisation and control. […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 1 AVANTGARDE ARRETÉ Tested by ALL ABOUT, August 2018 “What really impressed me with these speakers, is their ability to bring hi-res audio to life! The specifications of these speakers are so much higher than that of many competitors, that they can deliver hi-res music immaticulately…heaven is real!” ”The Harry Belafonte concert was […]

What Hifi? (India)

AUDIOVECTOR QR 3 What Hifi? India, August 2018 “One of the most enduring qualities of this speaker is its neutrality that will really let new audiophiles discover the joys (or pain) of mixing and matching different components upstream and revealing differences without the need of bat ears. “ “The QR3 makes sure that Audiovector gets […]


AUDIOVECTOR QR SUB Tested by AUDIO-VIDEO, August 2018 “The Audiovector QR Sub represents a well-balanced balance sound that we will appreciate in both stereo and home cinema.” READ MORE OF THE REVIEW HERE

AudioVideo (RU)

AUDIOVECTOR SR 6 AVANTGARDE Audio Video, June2018 By Nikolay Efremov “The dynamics are fast, unconstrained with natural transitions from pauses and quiet fragments to peak loudness levels.” “Familiar records (and we listened to ordinary CDs) literally come to life thanks to the transparent, sparkle, upper spectrum.” SEE THE REVIEW HERE

Hifimedia (CR)

AUDIOVECTOR QR 3 Hifi Media, April 2018 By Jagor Cakmak ELEGANCE AND QUALITY “One advantage of Audiovector, compared to other producers, is the program of upgrades to its smart range of loudspeakers – for example, you can easily replace crossover components QR3 is one of the most attractive speakers I ever had in my listening […]

Hi-Fi+ (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR SR 3 ARRETÉ RAW SURFACE LIMITED EDITION Hifi+, January 2018 By Alan Sircom “The easiest way to view these loudspeakers is to think of them as the Kobe beef edition of the SR3 Avantgarde Arreté.” “The improved performance is almost secondary to the styling, and the concretewrapped approach is surprisingly elegant.” SEE THE REVIEW […]

Hi-Fi+ (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR QR SUB Hifi+, January 2018 By Alan Sircom “It becomes an ideal match for Audiovector’s QR range, in that it’s voiced to retain the same speed of attack.” “After-market subwoofers tend to fall into one of two categories; big, booming subs that can do audio in a kind of ‘paying lip service’ manner, and […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 1 AVANTGARDE ARRETÉ STEREOLIFE, January 2018 By Tomasz Karasiński “The more I know about the columns of a Danish company, the longer I listen to different models in more or less advanced versions, the more I like their sound philosophy. SR 1 Avantgarde Arreté is a classic, audiophile monitor that has been brought to […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 6 AVANTGARDE ARRETÉ 2.0 HIFI.NL, November 2017 By René Smit “The track Georgia is a party to listen to with this set. The speakers make the orchestra of Count Basie shine. There is depth in the sound image the orchestra sounds realistic with realism with the very striking voice of Ray Charles on […]