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Stuart Smith from HiFiPig takes a listen to R6 Arreté The Audiovector QR7 was one of the products I was most looking forward to seeing and hearing at Munich High End way back in May of 2022. From what I had read and been told the speakers promised to give listeners a good proportion of […]

Audiovector Brings R-Series Performance to Custom Install

Thank you very much Stereonet UK  and Renaissance for sharing the news about our new R-Series Inwall, Inceiling & Onwall products The approach to our R-Series InWall, OnWall and InCeiling speaker designs are the same that we apply to all of our R-products. These speakers deliver a wonderfully big and open sound based on our no-compromise philosophy in […]

QR 7 recommended by John Atkinson

STEREOPHILE (US) Although Danish company Audiovector was founded in 1979, I had very little experience of its loudspeakers, other than at audio shows (footnote 1), until I measured the Audiovector R 8 Arreté that Jim Austin reviewed in May 2021. Jim nominated the R 8 as his “Editor’s Choice” for 2021, writing that “The gorgeous-looking […]


WHATHIFI “The R6 Arreté’s understated exterior hides a design of unusual complexity and rare musical talent” Audiovector is a small, specialist speaker manufacturer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded in 1979 by Ole Klifoth, who remains heavily involved in the company to this day, and now works alongside the current CEO, his son, Mads. […]

Highlights from HiFi+ at High End 2022 Munich

QR 7 Black piano

Audiovector QR 7 loudspeaker Alan Sircom, HiFi+ had some nice things to share about the QR 7 Star of the show! “At 40kg a piece, and with a pair 200mm in the bass and an AMT driver in the treble, the new QR7 from Audiovector looked and sounded like one of those fine tower loudspeakers in […]

Soundstage! The Best of High End Munich 2022

Audiovector QR 7 loudspeaker We are delighted to share the words of Editor in Chief of Soundstage! Jeff Fritz and journalist Doug Schneider – being awarded Best of High End Munich 2022 means a lot to everyone at Audiovector! At High End 2022, Jeff was really taken by the floorstanding QR 7 loudspeaker, which is priced at €5700 per pair and is made […]


ONWALL & INWALL/INCEILING 2022 Today we are proud to announce the relaunch of the new Onwall & Inwall/Inceiling. Since 1979, we have designed, developed and handcrafted our Audiovector loudspeakers in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Audiovector R-Series OnWall/InWall/InCeiling is a completely re-engineered wall speaker that uses the same advanced technology as our renowned, award-winning R-Series. A compact […]

Another distributor in Malaysia

We are pleased to announce that AUDIO PERFECTIONIST will be a part of the distribution network at Audiovector. Since 1995, AUDIO PERFECTIONIST has been a well-established and reputable high-end audio & custom home entertainment system designer in Malaysia.We are very excited to collaborate with AP and the team, and we are certain that Audiovector will be in good hands, now and in the […]

New Audiovector QR 7

Today we unveiled the QR 7 loudspeaker at the High End Show in Munich. The QR 7 is our new flagship of the QR series and is designed to put the fun back into playing music. Its big and vibrant sound will transport you to the concert hall or night club of your dreams! Pick […]

Exciting news at Munich

Something new is coming 🎼🎼 Be the first to see our new member of our family at the High End Audio show in Munich 2022. We will this year launch a new and very exciting product and we can´t wait to show you what we have been working with the past 24 months. Visit us in […]