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Hifi+ (UK)

Audiovector R6 Arreté ” The loudspeaker also excels in dynamic range and texture, delivering both forceful and subtle details with realism.” READ REVIEW

Stereo+ (NO)

AUDIOVECTOR QR5 SE By Håvard Holmedal ”Audiovector QR5 SE er en svært velspillende, presis og dynamisk høyttaler som gjøre det svært moro å spille musikk.” READ REVIEW

HiFi+ (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR QR1, 3, 5 SE By Alan Sircorn ”That’s a marked improvement over the original QR models and gets them more in line with the R-Series proper” READ REVIEW

QR 1 is highly recommended

Having had no experience of Audiovector here at HF&MS it was with delight I accepted an invitation to listen to their QR range.  The QR1 is the bookshelf-style speaker in the range, characterised by Audiovector’s DNA that centres on technology-led attention to detail. Design The key to this QR range of loudspeakers from Audiovector is […]

QR 1 delivers an awful lot from a surprisingly small package

The QR 1 delivers an awful lot from a surprisingly small package – it’s energetic, musical and accurate sounding, with a sophistication generally reserved for more expensive purchasing propositions. There are few more hotly contended areas in hi-fi than the mid-price standmount loudspeaker market. Almost every brand looking to find its way into people’s homes […]

Good, better, best

Audiovector is a Danish brand that does unusual things. Such as offering a floorstander in three levels that differ significantly from each other. Even more unusual is that you can upgrade your speakers to the next level at a later date. All intriguing, and a good reason to compare the R6 Signature, R6 Avantage and […]

Audiovector QR 7 Loudspeaker

It was my enviable task to spend quality time with two loudspeakers in Audiovector’s premium R-Series, the R3 floorstander ($13,500, Issue 305) and the standmount/bookshelf R1 ($7250, Issue 319).

The QR 5 is a superb loudspeaker proposition. Highly recommended.

Despite being in the loudspeaker game since 1979, it’s only in the last decade or so that Audiovector has become more established as one of the main Scandi speaker players with UK audiences. What sets this Danish company apart from many rivals is its tailored upgrades approach, meaning you can buy its hi-end R-Series models […]