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Hier dürfen nur edle Metalle ran. Alles überaus fein. Der Star ist der Hochtöner, ein Blattgold-AMT, entwickelt von Audiovector. Ist das nur ein Au- genschmaus oder auch ein Le- ckerbissen für die Ohren? – Von Andreas Günther Und wieder einmal haben uns die Dänen überholt. Laut des World Happiness Reports 2022 ist Dänemark, direkt hinter […]


Stuart Smith from HiFiPig takes a listen. The Audiovector QR7 was one of the products I was most looking forward to seeing and hearing at Munich High End way back in May of 2022. From what I had read and been told the speakers promised to give listeners a good proportion of what the R […]


Five star review from WHATHIFI “The R6 Arreté’s understated exterior hides a design of unusual complexity and rare musical talent” Audiovector is a small, specialist speaker manufacturer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded in 1979 by Ole Klifoth, who remains heavily involved in the company to this day, and now works alongside the current […]


QR 7 recommended by John Atkinson Although Danish company Audiovector was founded in 1979, I had very little experience of its loudspeakers, other than at audio shows (footnote 1), until I measured the Audiovector R 8 Arreté that Jim Austin reviewed in May 2021. Jim nominated the R 8 as his “Editor’s Choice” for 2021, […]


Audiovector Brings R-Series Performance to Custom Install Thank you very much Stereonet UK  and Renaissance for sharing the news about our new R-Series Inwall, Inceiling & Onwall products The approach to our R-Series InWall, OnWall and InCeiling speaker designs are the same that we apply to all of our R-products. These speakers deliver a wonderfully big and open […]


Enthusiastically recommended The QR1 by Audiovector of Denmark is a two-way compact loudspeaker. In fact, it’s the smallest loudspeaker in Audiovector’s entry-level QR Series—a versatile, six-speaker lineup that’s positioned a rung down from the company’s elite R Series. Usable as either a bookshelf or a stand-mount, this mini-monitor is just under 13 inches tall. The […]


AUDIOVECTOR QR 3FWD, March 2022  By Jamie Biesemans “The QR3s let you discover the unique qualities of the high-end brand Audiovector at a relatively accessible price. Their size and design make these slim columns a good choice if you are looking for something discreet yet very stylish. But the purist will also discover a loudspeaker […]

Soundstage (CA)

AUDIOVECTOR R 6 AVANTGARDE  SOUNDSTAGE, March 2022  By Aron Garrecht      “Audiovector’s R 6 Avantgarde is a gorgeously finished, methodically assembled loudspeaker, chock-full of innovative technologies. More importantly, a pair of them can effortlessly fill a room with sound and create images that are much larger in scale than their sleek, sexy profiles would […]

Hifi+ (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR R SUB ARRETÉ HIFI+ Issue 203, February 2022By Alan Sircom      “The duo of Arreté models just sings, and sings far deeper, wider and sweeter than you would expect.” READ INTERVIEW

Hifi+ (UK)

INTERVIEW WITH MADS KLIFOTH HIFI+, February 2022By Alan Sircom      “I don’t think we could have grown as fast if we didn’t maintain that relationship with those we have worked with for a long time.” READ INTERVIEW