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AUDIOVECTOR QR 5  AV GUIDE, September 2021 By Silvan Karrer, Editor Audio “The elegant and stylish speakers QR 5 from Audiovector, play exactly what they look like: stylish, elegant and with a sound with all subtleties and nuances as well as closeness. The QR 5 buyer gets a great, audiophile and versatile loudspeaker at a […]

Hifi Pig (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR R 6 ARRETÉ HIFI PIG, September 2021 By Stuart Smith ”They represent, to my mind, all that I’m looking for in a loudspeaker. They are hugely dynamic with massive scale and presence that commands you to sit up and take notice. By turn, they are sweet and yet full-sounding at lower volumes.” READ THE […]

Stereophile (US)

AUDIOVECTOR R 8 ARRETÉ  STEREOPHILE, September 2021    By Jim Austin “This is one of the most attractive loudspeakers I’ve encountered.” “it made a strong emotional impression”. “The R 8 Arreté’s release their music into the air in a way that seems effortless  –  and free!” “It was gorgeous” “They achieve an enhanced sense of space […]


AUDIOVECTOR R 6 AVANTGARDE HIGH FIDELITY.PL August 2021 By Wojciech Pacula “I have mentioned how perfectly the loudspeakers reproduce live recordings – listen to them with your favourite artists and you will be impressed long after you turn them off.” “Every record listened to them take on a blush, expression and becomes “alive”.” “Excellent bass […]

Audiovision (DE)

AUDIOVECTOR QR SERIES AUDIOVISION, JULY 2021 “The set was classified as a “Highlight” in the category “Reference Class” and awarded with the overall rating “very good” (23/25)” “The effortless, extremely three-dimensional spatial representation is particularly impressive, both for music and film sound” – By Mino, Audiovision, July 2021 READ REVIEW

Hi-Fi & Musik (SE)

AUDIOVECTOR R 8 ARRETÉ HI-FI & MUSIK, JUNE 2021 “One of the really great revelations these speakers gave me and all the other editorial staff members, is how they with the best possible electronics can completely transform the listening room into a concert hall and how they really bring out the very most and best […]


AUDIOVECTOR R 3 SIGNATURE HIFI MEDIA, APRIL 2021 By Neven Kos “The Audiovector R 3 Signature proves to be the king of detail and musicality” “It is a very high-tech speaker, an interesting concept with the possibility of improvement and sound that seriously goes to the top of the scale of sound that we can […]

Audio Video (PL)

AUDIOVECTOR R 1 SIGNATURE AUDIO VIDEO, March 2021 By Filip Kulpa ”9.5 of 10 possible – Thank you Mr. Filip Kulpa! “Great – You really can’t require more from monitors this size…” READ REVIEW

Hifi+ (UK)

INTERVIEW WITH MADS KLIFOTH HIFI+, March 2021 By Alan Sircom ”Danish loudspeaker expert Audiovector is no stranger to the pages of Hi-Fi+. The company has picked up many awards for its loudspeaker designs (both in this magazine and elsewhere) and many of the reviewers have used or still use Audiovector loudspeakers, including the Editor, who […]