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AUDIOVECTOR SR 1 AVANTGARDE SR 1 Avantgarde in HIFI4ALL, Dec 2015. By Chief Editor Mikkel Gige. NO COMPROMISE. “Audiovector SR 1 Avantgarde is without any doubt a full member of the SR family. But a smaller cabinet will often mean a compromise of some kind. But actually I would not call SR 1 a compromise. […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 3AVANTGARDE AUDIOVECTOR SR 1 Avantgarde Arreté in Swedish Hifi & Musik, October 2015. Tested by Sven Bilén “This is really, really good!” “Elegant and timeless”. “Everything is crystal clear. Excellent!” “I was flabbergasted by the purity of their sound. And their musicality.” “Excellent, Audiovector!” Read the test [Swedish]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 1 AVANTGARDE ARRETÉ AUDIOVECTOR SR 1 Avantgarde Arreté in Swedish Hifi & Musik, October 2015. “Ultra precise bass, easily detectable even in the most crowded mixes”. “With respect to musicality, these speakers are real all rounders, which reproduce dance music a la Daft Punk with the same authority as delicate opus 3 recordings. […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 1 SIGNATURE SR 1 Signature review, Monday 14. September 2015 By Mark Gusew “I was surprised at how well they faithfully reproduced all the complex electronic tones and still sounded smooth and unfussed. With only a 15cm mid/bass driver you wouldn’t really expect it to produce excessive bass, but what was reproduced was […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 3 SIGNATURE SR 3 Signature in Audio Video, May 2015. By Philip Kulpa. “Audiovector SR 3 Signature is a must have for all those who appreciate detail, expression, timbre, powerful but precise bass and spaciousness. Offering an open, vital, vibrant sound with excellent dynamics and resistance to compression, which I estimate at above-average […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 1 AVANTGARDE ARRETÉ ACTIVE DISCREET SR 3 Avantgarde Arreté Active DISCRETT in What Hi Fi?, April 2015 “Superb insight, balanced presentation,focused but wide soundstage, superb build.” “Active speakers this good are a rare breed. Wireless ability is the icing on the cake.” “The highs carry a nice, rich texture but also have the […]