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QR 7 recommended by John Atkinson Although Danish company Audiovector was founded in 1979, I had very little experience of its loudspeakers, other than at audio shows (footnote 1), until I measured the Audiovector R 8 Arreté that Jim Austin reviewed in May 2021. Jim nominated the R 8 as his “Editor’s Choice” for 2021, […]


Enthusiastically recommended The QR1 by Audiovector of Denmark is a two-way compact loudspeaker. In fact, it’s the smallest loudspeaker in Audiovector’s entry-level QR Series—a versatile, six-speaker lineup that’s positioned a rung down from the company’s elite R Series. Usable as either a bookshelf or a stand-mount, this mini-monitor is just under 13 inches tall. The […]


AUDIOVECTOR QR 3FWD, March 2022  By Jamie Biesemans “The QR3s let you discover the unique qualities of the high-end brand Audiovector at a relatively accessible price. Their size and design make these slim columns a good choice if you are looking for something discreet yet very stylish. But the purist will also discover a loudspeaker […]

Soundstage (CA)

AUDIOVECTOR R 6 AVANTGARDE  SOUNDSTAGE, March 2022  By Aron Garrecht      “Audiovector’s R 6 Avantgarde is a gorgeously finished, methodically assembled loudspeaker, chock-full of innovative technologies. More importantly, a pair of them can effortlessly fill a room with sound and create images that are much larger in scale than their sleek, sexy profiles would […]

Hifi+ (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR R SUB ARRETÉ HIFI+ Issue 203, February 2022By Alan Sircom      “The duo of Arreté models just sings, and sings far deeper, wider and sweeter than you would expect.” READ INTERVIEW

The Absolute Sound (US)

AUDIOVECTOR R 6 ARRETÉ / R 3 ARRETÉ / R 1 ARRETÉ      THE ABSOLUTE SOUND, EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARDS 2022        We are very proud to announce that our three high performing models, the R 1 Arreté, R 3 Arreté and R 6 Arreté have been awarded Editors Choice 2022 by The Absolute Sound […]

Stereonet (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR R 6 ARRETÉ STEREONET APPLAUSE AWARD  December 2021    ”Audiovector’s superb R 6 Arreté loudspeaker is large, but still friendly to most average-sized living rooms. Yet there’s something quite exceptional about the way it delivers a sound out of all proportion to its modest dimensions. This speaker needs no special favours, just a good listening […]

Hifi Pig (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR R 6 ARRETÉ HIFI HIGHLIGTHS 2021  December 2021   ”They represent, to my mind, all that I’m looking for in a loudspeaker. They are hugely dynamic with massive scale and presence that commands you to sit up and take notice. By turn, they are sweet and yet full-sounding at lower volumes.” READ THE REVIEW

The Absolute Sound (US)

AUDIOVECTOR R 1 ARRETÉ  THE ABSOLUTE SOUND, PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2021  December 2021 “Audiovector R 1 Arreté is an all-around star performer with reproduction of complex top-octave sonorities, air, and detail that is second to none. I’m quite confident of this conclusion: Piccolos don’t lie.” READ THE REVIEW

Hifi + (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR R 6 ARRETÉ  LOUDSPEAKER OF THE YEAR (£20K–£50K)  “It tends to make most things sound good, not through rose-tinted euphoric sound, but just by virtue of being honest with the recording.”Alan Sircom READ THE AWARD