Individual Upgrade Concept

Individual Upgrade Concept technology gives you the option to upgrade your speakers whenever you want. You can upgrade to a higher level or you can go Active Discreet. This means that all Audiovector Speakers are future proof, whichever solution you might choose.



Low Compression Concept

Low Compression Concept technology allows the membranes of the drivers to move freely under all conditions, even the most demanding ones. This means that your Audiovector speakers will stay faithful to whatever signal they are fed – no matter how loud and complicated the material might be.



Soundstage Enhancement Concept

Soundstage Enhancement Concept allows you to choose where you want to be positioned when you listen. This technology means the soundstage stays intact, wherever you are positioned. Not only that, the sound also fills a room in a more credible manner, giving the listener a realistic and Live Performance like experience.



No Energy Storage

No Energy Storage. Drive units sound best if they do not have to ‘carry’ the weight of the speaker cabinet to which they are fixed. This is a question of transient response. Inspired by the solutions from the R 11 Arreté Speakers, Audiovector has managed to use the NES concept to achieve an even higher level of realism and live feeling for the full SR-Range.



Active Discreet Concept

Discreet Active is a simple way to get a High End experience in your home. All electronics are built into the speakers. Multiple amplifiers with DSP based electronic crossovers and power management. Wireless Bluetooth & WiFi connection from Phone, Tablet or Computer. Easy to connect Turntable, CD Player, NAS drive etc.A very modern and easy way to have an Audiophile system. All passive speakers can be upgraded to Discreet.



NCS Molecular realignment

Natural Crystal Structure is one of the many invisible technological improvementss of our Arreté models. By freezing components down to -238° C, the copper molecules realign themselves to their natural positions and will therefore reduce resistance. The result is a clear and more detailed sound quality.