Audiovector QR 1

“Audiovector is a company which doesn't need an extra philosophy - what it already has is enough to tell the story.”

“Looking at the first pictures and descriptions of this new product, it was hard to imagine a better combination of existing Audiovector's solutions with new ideas which make the speakers more interesting, better, and by the way - cheaper.”

"For sure the sound is slightly brighter, but firstly - this is done in good taste, and secondly - dealing with so pure and volatile highs, they just had to show what these AMT drivers can really do."

“The general nature of the bass is rather pleasant and 'swinging'. We may say the same about the mids.”

 “In my opinion, the QR series may be one of the most important Audiovector's products for many years. We can't yet say it's a turning point in the history of the Danish manufacturer because so far it has been very successful indeed, but there are at least three reasons why I believe that the QR1s are unique speakers. Firstly, they have been designed for so-called regular users, but Audiovector managed to keep the brand's characteristic sound with a fantastic bass and saturated, spatial treble. Secondly, achieving such a level of quality didn't stop the Danish designers from maintaining an affordable price. And thirdly - Mads Kliffoth proved he's able to design good speakers and, who knows, maybe even beat his father in this field? We still have time for such conclusions, but for now, I can say one thing - the guy knows what he's doing!”

 By Tomasz Karasinski

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