Knut Jensen

Hifi Pig (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR R 6 ARRETÉ HIFI PIG, September 2021 By Stuart Smith ”They represent, to my mind, all that I’m looking for in a loudspeaker. They are hugely dynamic with massive scale and presence that commands you to sit up and take notice. By turn, they are sweet and yet full-sounding at lower volumes.” READ THE […]

Stereophile (US)

AUDIOVECTOR R 8 ARRETÉ  STEREOPHILE, September 2021    By Jim Austin “This is one of the most attractive loudspeakers I’ve encountered.” “it made a strong emotional impression”. “The R 8 Arreté’s release their music into the air in a way that seems effortless  –  and free!” “It was gorgeous” “They achieve an enhanced sense of space […]


AUDIOVECTOR R 6 AVANTGARDE HIGH FIDELITY.PL August 2021 By Wojciech Pacula “I have mentioned how perfectly the loudspeakers reproduce live recordings – listen to them with your favourite artists and you will be impressed long after you turn them off.” “Every record listened to them take on a blush, expression and becomes “alive”.” “Excellent bass […]