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Hi-Fi+ (UK)

AUDIOVECTOR QR 3 QR 3 tested by Hifi+, Januar 2017 By Alan Sircom “The Audiovector QR3 is one of those loudspeakers that makes you realise just how far good audio has come in the last few years. The performance these speakers deliver was hard to find at anything like the price a few years ago […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 6 AVANTGARDE “The SR 6 Avantgarde’s get the “Editors Choice Award”. They are one of the best pairs of speakers I have ever had in my listening room.” REVIEW HIFI4ALL.DK JUNE 2016 By Mikkel Gige   Read the review in English Read the Danish review on HIFI4ALL.DK


AUDIOVECTOR SR 3 Signature “A balanced speaker with a pleasant character without sacrificing the detail in favor of “attitude”. It is a result of a careful design which addressees the demanding listener but it will make every music-lover to feel comfortable with its friendly with the program attitude leaving promises for a better behavior if […]


AUDIOVECTOR QR 3 “There is one more thing which also makes me feel connected with Mads in an unexplainable way – the sound of the QR3 (and also the QR1) has features that I value and that I was searching for while working on the Emerald Touched by High Fidelity speakers.”   November 2016 By […]


Audiovector SR 1 Avantgarde “The SR 1 is certainly a technological jewel, respectable and extremely desirable” “Excellent construction, component of highest level” “Great quality of naturalness and runs easy with a very wide sweetspot” “Clean, transparent, fair, balanced, measured, but emphatic, compelling, deep. Fine grain, absence of coloring, enviable scene, large stage in all dimensions” “They disappear […]


AUDIOVECTOR QR 1 QR 1 TEST HIFI4ALL.DK OCTOBER 2016  “The biggest surprise is how close the QR1 come to our reference, the bigger SR6 Avantgarde II.”  “A new footprint is beginning to take shape – a footprint that will undoubtedly be found in all Audiovector’s future models.”  “Because of their fantastic musicality, their transparency and […]


Audiovector QR 1 “Audiovector is a company which doesn’t need an extra philosophy – what it already has is enough to tell the story.” “Looking at the first pictures and descriptions of this new product, it was hard to imagine a better combination of existing Audiovector’s solutions with new ideas which make the speakers more […]


AUDIOVECTOR QR 3 September 2016 By Filip Kulpa “I do not know speakers in this price range which offers better treble performance”. 

”The nature of the new Audiovector speakers is rare, and at this exceptional price an  almost unheard of combination of softness and smoothness  with genuinely high end details”.

IN OUR OPINION – Conclusion.

”Audiovector QR3, […]


AUDIOVECTOR QR 1QR 1 tested by, July 2016 By Olaf Sturm “We are used to great sounding  products with high quality in materials and craftsmanship from Audiovector. The QR 1 is no exception to this rule.” “We were caught off guard by the excellent relation between quality and price.It all begins  with the AMT […]