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AUDIOVECTOR SR 1 AVANTGARDE ARRETÉ Tested by AUDIO-VIDEO, March 2017 “SR 1 Avantgarde Arrete have a surprising large dynamic potential, they are extremely fast, clear and full of details and in the upper midrange sound softer than floorstanders (SR 3 AvA).” “Pairing them with a really good sub create a full-range system has a huge […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 3 SIGNATURE Tested by WHAT HI-FI?, April 2017 “Despite their slim proportions, the SR 3s are capable of some seriously deep bass. They hit with venom on tracks like 15 Step staying clean, taut and controlled even as volume levels rise. They’re beautifully balanced too, refusing to muddle the lower midrange area as can […]


AUDIOVECTOR QR 1 Tested by HIFI PIG, April 2017 “Superbly built and finished, with a top notch ribbon tweeter fitted as standard no less.  They have become my new benchmark in this price range” “Detailed, clean and transparent, with no colouration.  Bass won’t shake your ornaments off the sideboard with sheer power, but the bass […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 3 SIGNATURE Tested by AUDIO-VIDEO, March 2017 “If you are bored with sterility and even more so with the sluggishness of traditional speakers, and you want a little more adrenaline and at the same time you are searching for enthusiastic listening instead of the usual roller coaster ride, then please do a test […]


AUDIOVECTOR QR 3 QR 3 tested by WHAT HIFI?, March 2017 “The front baffle is too pretty to cover up with the included magnetic grilles, so we leave them off.” “There’s no doubt the QR3s have had the same attention to detail in their build as the rest of Audiovector’s ranges.” “We start off with […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 6 AVANTGARDE ARRETÉ Tested by SOUNDREBELS, March 2017 The SR 6 Avantgarde was reviewed by two highly skilled reviewers. Opinion 1: “ Audiovector speakers put emphasis on the truth and nothing but the truth.” “ I had a very engaging musical meeting with the Audiovcector SR 6 Avantgarde Arreté’s. There was no lack […]


AUDIOVECTOR QR 3 QR 3 tested by ON MAG, March 2017 By Pierre-Yves Maton Listening results: Fast, open, transparent “High Quality drive units. A magnifique AMT tweeter based on Dr. Oscar Heil famous work, and two 15 cm drivers with sandwich membranes,so well executed that there is not even a hint of the typical break […]


AUDIOVECTOR QR 1QR 1 tested by MUSIC EMOTION, Januar 2017By René Smit“The Audiovector QR1 is a “must listen to” loudspeaker. Mads Klifoth’s design raises the bar for this range og compact speakers. competitors have to climb high up to reach the same level.The stereo image of QR 1 is wide and deep. Cymbals sound realistic. […]