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AUDIOVECTOR QR 1 Tested by AUDIO-VIDEO, September 2017 “STUNNING” “Without a doubt the Audiovector QR1 has many features of the more expensive, higher class speakers. This precise sound, featuring an excellent treble and exceptionally clean and fast bass is a nearly high-end!” READ MORE OF THE REVIEW HERE


AUDIOVECTOR QR 3 Tested by, July 2017 ”A very good feeling of space and presence, and when you least expected it, it was suddenly an experience that there were many meters to the back wall, with a singer standing all the way up, almost inside the listening room. In general, the reproduction in the mid-range […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 3 AVANTGARDE Tested by, June 2017 ”SR 3 Avantgarde’s voice performance is really outstanding. And the recording of the stage space is very good with ideal positioning. SR 3 Avantgarde is the master of the performance of the space and stage.” “If you are an audio fan, it is easy to identify […]


AUDIOVECTOR QR 1 Tested by HI-FI VOICE, June 2017, Daniel Brezina ”The Audiovector QR 1 is one of the best in this class!” “In a magic way they reproduce room and space. Very pleasantly balanced.” “The compact Audiovector QR 1’s are very elegantly designed and resonabled priced.”   READ MORE OF THE REVIEW HERE


AUDIOVECTOR SR 1 AVANTGARDE ARRETÉ Tested by FIDELITY MAGAZINE, June 2017, Michael Vrzal ”In the best possible way, this is a free-and analytical playing compact speaker with an enormous potential. Easy to position, easy to drive, modern looking”.  “I could not be more impressed”. “Especially on piano and classical string instruments I could hardly get enough, […]


AUDIOVECTOR ZERO COMPRESSION AVANTGARDE ARRETÉ Tested by SOUNDREBELS, June 2017, Marcin Olszewski “DYNAMIC AND PRECISE” ”The Audiovector ZERO cables are made by the same principles as the asymmetrical internal wiring inside Audiovector’s speakers.” “The sound is incredibly fast, charged with adrenaline, but without drying and slimming effects, so that the recordings are kept in “overdrive” and, at […]


AUDIOVECTOR QR 3 Tested by STEREOPLUS, May 2017, Håvard Holmedal “I started the session with Youn Sun Nah playing the track La Chanson D’Helene and instantly the goosebumps appeared. Her voice is beatiful, the bass is suprisingly rich and detailed. Her vocal creates a clear and sharp conture against the black silent background. The QR […]


AUDIOVECTOR QR 3 Tested by NOVO, May 2017 “What was immediately clear to me was that the QR3 is capable of producing a large, room-filling sound; bigger than you might expect from a speaker of its dimensions. It served up a great tonal balance, smoothly blending the highs, mids and bass.” “Lead singer Brian Smith’s […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 6 AVANTGARDE ARRETÉTested by STEREOPLUS, May 2017, Roy Ervin Solstad “Extremely resolution with exceptionel details” “Excellent bass together with a huge soundstage.” “Beautiful design.” READ MORE OF THE REVIEW HERE