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AUDIOVECTOR SR 1 SIGNATURE SR 1 Signature review, Monday 14. September 2015 By Mark Gusew “I was surprised at how well they faithfully reproduced all the complex electronic tones and still sounded smooth and unfussed. With only a 15cm mid/bass driver you wouldn’t really expect it to produce excessive bass, but what was reproduced was […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 3 SIGNATURE SR 3 Signature in Audio Video, May 2015. By Philip Kulpa. “Audiovector SR 3 Signature is a must have for all those who appreciate detail, expression, timbre, powerful but precise bass and spaciousness. Offering an open, vital, vibrant sound with excellent dynamics and resistance to compression, which I estimate at above-average […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 1 AVANTGARDE ARRETÉ ACTIVE DISCREET SR 3 Avantgarde Arreté Active DISCRETT in What Hi Fi?, April 2015 “Superb insight, balanced presentation,focused but wide soundstage, superb build.” “Active speakers this good are a rare breed. Wireless ability is the icing on the cake.” “The highs carry a nice, rich texture but also have the […]


AUDIOVECTOR SR 3 AVANTGARDE ARRETÉ TOP CLASS. “The SR 3 Avantgarde Arret´is without doubt one of the best speakers I have ever heard below 15.000 Euro”. “The bass sets a new standard. I experienced sounds, I had never heard before on “The Girls Is Mine”, by Michael Jackson”. “I am shocked…I have now reviewed two […]


Audiovector Si 3 Signature DISCREET review May 2014 “The really clever part is the connectivity. It has all the benefits of active drive, without the need to plug the speakers into the AC mains power”. “While the combination of Bluetooth and Class D might bring some audiophiles out in a case of hives, those of us […]


Audiovector On-Wall Signature tested as one of the best sounding wall speakers. “Beautiful Speakers” Comparative review of wall speakers. “Built like a battleship” “Clever configuration” “Pure and natural sound” (Sound like a free standing speaker although it is a wall speaker)